Translation Sketch

I have posted today some photos of the language translation system in the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City. dlb Research built this system during the years 2000-2003. The first photo is the translation control room, where 48 ATM-2000 Automatic Translation Mixers are installed handling 96 languages. This is the second-generation system designed by dlb Research and is an all digital system. The original first-generation system which was all analog was retired in 2002, and has since found its way to the LDS Church Language Training Mission where it continues to serve.

Conference Center Click for Hi Res Version

Here is a front and rear panel drawing of the ATM-2000 (Automatic Translation Mixer) Panel Drawings Click here for a PDF file version

The Second Photo is the monitoring station. This Windows based control surface allows the operator to monitor all 96 languages, see at a glance the status of microphones and signal levels, as well as use a talkback system to speak to individual interpreters or all at once.

Monitoring Station Click for Hi Res Version

The following two photos show the Master Control satellite control room where 200 audio channels are controlled to four world satellite regions and the internet.

The first photo shows the Satellite OAC (On Air Controllers) and the second the Control room monitoring station. This is also a Windows based PC application that allows the operator to see the status of all 200 audio channels, as well as control and switch any language source as a group or independently.

200 Audio Channels of audio processing for Master Control Room Click for Hi Res Version

 Master Control Audio Monitoring Station Click for Hi Res Version

The following photo is from the installation at the LDS Church language Training Mission (LTM) in Provo, Utah where the first generation ATM processors are still in use.

Equipment room at LTM Click for Hi Res Version

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