iPhone 4 Audio + i20 Pure Doc

Just received a Pure i20 iPhone4 doc that has digital outputs, both Toslink and Coaxial. The goal of course is to take the digital output of my iPhone 4 and feed it to my Benchmark DAC-1. At least in part, this is intended to be my headphone listening system at work. As soon as time permits we will also review and test the i20 and find out what it can really do.

So far, it sounds pretty good! The only surprise is that the device seems to have a volume control in the signal path. It appears to affect both the analog and digital outputs of the doc. A volume control screen comes up on the iPhone4, but no bar graphs is shown so it is impossible to know where it is set except by listening. In any event the hope is that at full volume we are getting bit-accurate SPDIF output.

Check back for more soon!

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