North Creek Music DIY Speaker Kits

Northcreek has some really fabulous DIY speaker kits and designs that are truly high performance. We built a pair of Casita (now discontinued) speakers for our main pair on our home theatre system several years ago. We are currently finishing a set of Casita center channel speakers and surrounds and a Thunder (also discontinued) subwoofer which will complete our 5.1 system.

We also have a set of KittyKat monitors nearly complete that we will be using as our main mixing monitors. Two Thunder subwoofers are also in process to provide a truly full-range monitoring station. We will be designing active crossovers which we will be blogging about on this website in the near future. (To see more info, please read through the articles in the section Building North Creek Speakers. These articles were originally part of a blog that we wrote during the build process. Lots of photos and measurements are available.)

We would very much like to build a set of Pegasus monitors with the new custom RAAL tweeters as soon as finances permit.

Linkwitz Orion+ Fabulous Dipole Speakers

Sigfried Linkwitz, a true legend in audio has a superb website with huge amounts of information about speaker design, and is the designer of the Orion+ open-baffle loudspeaker felt by many to be the best thing they have ever heard. We hope to someday provide the kind of quality and quantity of information on our website. We have yet to fully explore and absorb all that is available on this web site.

Zaph Audio DIY Speakers

This site has a huge amount of information including some good DIY speakers designs and measurements of many different drivers.

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