The Final Coats of Paint

On Friday evening, May 7th we made an attempt to put on the final two coats of semi-gloss black paint. We carefully sanded all five fascia with 320 grit sandpaper and smoothed out the last imperfections. We then applied two thin coats of paint, waited about 1 hour, and applied two more. The next morning we checked and found that most of the fascia looked great, but two had a lot of dust settled into the paint. Alas, we need to sand and paint them once again and build something that will prevent the dust.

We have found a couple of possible resources to help us with the final paint problem for example:

How to Create a Paint Booth in Your Garage

We do not have the time to produce anything too sophisticated, and with the exception of the Thunder Subwoofers, we don't think we will be painting very much. As a result, we have decided to build a simple one-use-only painting station. So check back and see what we came up with.

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