Pipe Organs and dlb Research

During the years of 1970-1975 David Bytheway worked with Terry Thatcher who was sales representative and installer for Reuter Organs, of Lawrence, Kansas. Together they installed a number of organs in the State of Utah. During his High School Years, David had a broad background in music, and electronics and learned a great deal about the wonderful world of Pipe Organs. As a result of this work, he decided to study organ with the late Melvin Dunn, chief technician for the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ, and later with the late Roy M. Darley, who was a Salt Lake Tabernacle organist for many years.

This life-long love of pipe organs has also resulted in David writing many organ, and choral arrangements some of which are published at his music website, ldsOrganist.org and under the name of dlb Music.

Click here for a .pdf file of the Organs sorted by Opus Number

As a result, we have been associated with the pipe organ business on an informal level for many decades. In the past few years we undertook to help with a custom designed system for the chimes and bells in the Salt Lake Tabernacle Organ on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

The project was to design a new and flexible audio and stop matrix which would allow the organist to play different percussion instruments on the organ from different manuals and divisions within the organ case. The details of this work can be see in the following articles and section

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