Hi Quality Audio

Recordings - Downloadable (Better than CD quality)!

AIX Records

HD Tracks

DIY Audio Sites

AMB Laboratories - DIY Projects

Audiologica - Headphone DIY Projects

DIY Audio Fourm

DIY Audio Projects

Dynaudio Speakers and Drivers

Dynaudio Archive - Data on old drivers

Ellis Audio 1601 Speaker

Essential Audio - Australia - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

E-Speakers - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

Fibonacci Technologies - New Ribbon Speakers

GR Research - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

LDSG - Archive of lots of DIY informaiton

Linkwitz Lab - Home of the Orion+

Loudspeaker building guide - General DIY Info

Madisound - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

Music and Design NaO - DIY kits Nao Dipole

Nelson Pass DIY Site - Passity

North Creek Music - High Quality Kits

Nutshell Hi Fi - Lots of good data!

Orange County Speaker - Parts and Repairs

Parts Express - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

Parts Express Forum

Selah Audio- DIY Kits and Designs

Solen - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

Sonic Craft - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

Soundlabs Group - Australia - Parts

Twisted Pear Audio - DIY Electronic Boards

Zalytron - Drivers, Parts, & Kits

Zaph Audio - Extensive Driver Reviews & DIY Designs

General Audio Sites

HeadRoom - The home for everything headphones

Head-Fi Forums - All about headphone listening

Western Electric - Classic Vacuum Tubes

Walt Jung's Writings - Good for DIY & Pros alike

AVB Task Group - The AVB ethernet standard, - This is the future!

Electronic Components



Pro Audio Sites

Atlas Pro Audio - Pro Audio Dealer

Audio Precision - Audio Test Equipment

Audio Engineering Society - AES

Millennia - Mic Preamp manufacturer

Benchmark Media - Pro audio DACs & ADCs, Mic preamps

dbx - Audio Processors

Bob Katz Digital Domain - Mastering audio, and more

Earthworks Measurement Mics

Gordon - Microphone Preamplifier

Performance Audio - Pro Audio Dealer

PrismSound - Audio Test Equipment

Poll Sound - Pro audio dealer & Sound Contractor

Klaus Heyne's Mic Lab - Discussion groups about pro mics

QSC - Pro audio manufacturer

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers - SMPTE

Steinberg - Workstation software

Trax Audio - Pro Audio Dealer

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