Sample Rate Converter Comparisons

This website offers a fabulous collecion of actual measured performance of many different software sample-rate-converters. As a result of this study, here at dlb Research, we purchased the Voxengo r8brain PRO product for all our recording and mastering work. Our listening tests show a marked improvement over the Steinberg Wavelab 5 and 6 SRCs that we used earlier. Performance of our CD masters at 44.1 kHz sample rate now are audibly much closer to the orignal 96 kHz masters.

Izotope Audio Processing Software

Izotope provides some high qualtiy audio processing plugins and stand-alone solutions that we have adopted in our studio. The first product we use is the Ozone 4 mastering software which has helped our recordings sound a lot better. We recently purchased the RX complete audio restoration software to help us clean up some vinyl transcriptions as well as some other old recordings. Highly recommended!

Benchmark Media

Benchmark is the manufacturer of the DAC-1 a truly audiophile-quality DAC without the huge price of some other DACs. We use an original DAC-1 for all our listening and mastering work (and with a pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones, our at-work audio playback system). Newer models incorporate a USB interface and analog preamp functions. Highly Recommended!

Bob Katz's Mastering Web Site

Bob Katz is world renown for his mastering (and mixing for that matter) abilities. He has written a fabulous handbook for mastering that is a wonderful resource. I highly recommend that every recording engineer get his book Mastering Audio, the Art and the Science, Second Edition. Based upon Bob's work and suggestions, we will be measuring and publishing the performance of various dithering & rounding techniques as well as sample-rate conversion steps. We also hope to demonstrate the audible and measurable effects of various processing steps including the optimal ones for final mastering.

The book is also available from

Also available is a wonderful paper about Subwoofer Setup or this .pdf version of many of Bob's articles including the Subwoofer Setup.

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